About Us

Internet Application Development and Custom Database Programming
We have over 30 years experience in application programming and design in a variety of industries.

We provide professional website design, development and maintenance services. We specialize in automating the process of placing your information, catalog, etc. on the Internet. We have developed many database systems accessed through Web forms, please ask us for URL's or see our home page. Prices start at about $1,000.

Web Page Creation Services
This is the creation of web pages from your specifications or database. Pricing is highly variable and depends on whether there is a digital source, whether we auto-generate pages from a database, graphics, etc. Prices can vary from $100/page or less for autogenerated or simple text, to quite/page for complicated graphics. Call for a quote. Our rate for programming work is $100/hour.

Much of the work we do is on a consulting basis. Our programming rate is $100/hour, but we are happy to provide fixed price quotes. References provided.

Internet and Intranet / Web Consulting
In addition to our in-depth experience with demanding and security conscious public Web hosting, we have an extensive background in Corporate systems development. If you need to bypass the learning curve on Internet or Intranet setup and development, we can help.

Call us at
610-929-5154 for a free consultation

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