"In order to...insure domestic tranquility"

Some honest, practical, effective and desperately needed action must very soon be taken to save those people of ever-increasing numbers from the horror of foreclosure and eviction from their homes. Families all over the country are losing their property in record breaking numbers. Doubtless, there can be little "domestic tranquility" among family members faced with this grim disaster. It is too late for far too many unfortunate victims of this scandalous injustice, but it is certainly not too late for an effort to save the homes of those not yet evicted.

To reinsure that blessed tranquility which is most assuredly the right of every child of God, we must forthwith pursue that simple, practical, and effective of action. OPERATION HOMESAVE is the answer. Its plan is already tested and it works

The "simplicity" of our plan lies in the effort to buy the victims' debt or mortgage and to refinance them at a monthly payment they can handle. In most cases, once the victim is saved from loss of property, there is a willingness and even a desire to join O.H., enter into a simplified shared-equity partnership, and add the new property to O.H.'s evergrowing assets where it can be used as additional collateral to save the next victim on the list.

The practicality of O.H.'s plan can be seen in its power to give the victims hope and encouragement by the mere fact that they see new friends striving to help them save their homes without losing their dignity; along with confidence upon finding that the funds for this stupendous task are already there. In this regard the creative potential of our members will continue to expand in various directions: investing in people, not mammon; finding those of better means who are willing to adopt victim families; fund-raising by such as a national lottery (see Acts I, 20-26); utilizing a national credit institution in which to pool our resources, so that our finances will no longer be used against us; encouraging pro-life people to do their banking with the American Family Credit Union; seeking grants from all possible sources; inviting families of sufficient means and good credit to adopt a victim family of their choice; convincing the wealthy and super-rich to "adopt-a-town" so that all those in an adopted town who are in danger of losing their homes can be quickly and easily refinanced...

O.H. is going to be far more "effective" as soon as our next goal is accomplished. At present (May, 1996) we are trying to purchase a bank building in Rio Grande, New Jersey, to house firstly the AMERICAN FAMILY CREDIT UNION, a well-established national credit institution which would help us to accomplish our goals almost immediately; and also an EASTERN SCRIP DISPENSING CENTER similar to the one already being used by our members in California.

OPERATION HOMESAVE With A Three-Part Agenda For


I.       LC LOCAL CONTROL (Elsie), THROUGH THE GOD'S RIGHTS PARTY, under LC LAW COMMON. English Common Law; Alfred the Great; Cardinal Stephen Langton and the Magna Charta; American common law and the U. S. Constitution... Also known as HOME RULE, DECENTRALIZATION, and the GRASS ROOTS principle.

Christians in this country must realize that they, too, enjoy dual-citizenship; and that our primary citizenship is infinitely higher than that of the State. "Our citizenship is in heaven"(phiiupians 3: 17). Furthermore, that "kingdom of Heaven," i.e., "the House of the Lord," is in the homes of His members. "If anyone love me he will keep my word, and my Father will love him and we will come to him and make our abode (our home) with him"(St. John 14: 23). A CITIZEN is a city-dweller: Re- the "City of God," our "Heavenly Jerusalem",., But he said to them, "To the other towns also I must proclaim the kingdom of God, for this is why I have been sent"(St. Luke 4: 43). Therefore, after our home, we are citizens of our most local government, namely, our town. "Church," (from the Greek: kyriakon, house of the one with the kyros(power), the LORD, i.e. kyrios. The word, "Church." therefore, states in another way the very same idea expressed in John 14.

Thus, in the home we find the highest sovereignty, our highest level of government. Home Church... home school... home rule... The true, "constitutional United States government in exile" is truly in the home. The other ideals set forth in the constitution's preamble should also characterize our home and family life: unity, justice, tranquillity...

The GOD'S RIGHTS PARTY is the sole political party of the civil wing of God's glorious kingdom. It does not enter into, and refuses to be drawn into, any competition or controversy with any political parties connected with SECULAR CIVIL GOVERNMENTS.

George Washington condemned party politics as "the worst evil of a republic" (Farewell Address) because it divides the people and leaves them vulnerable against their would-be destroyers.

The 'sacred cow' doctrine known as Separation of Church and State (SCh&St) can and should be used at this time, for a change, to the people's advantage in their efforts to restore grass-roots control and true, common law, constitutional government. But, in reality, if practiced in the home, SCh&St would put an end to family life; and if applied to the individual it would mean death- the separation of body and soul. Taken on its face value, however, the so-called 'doctrine' constitutes an admission that the Church, too, is an independent sovereignty, just waiting to be used by God's children for their perfect freedom.

U.C.C. versus U.C.C. THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE finally terminated State sovereignty. A return of the Universal Christian Church to the home (where it was first establishd) would give back to the people their power and freedom.

God is the Sovereign, the Author and Creator of all that exists. God is in the home (of anyone who keeps His word). Therefore, the highest AUTHORity, power, and law are in the home.


All other reforms await the money reform.

(So why wait to reform the money!)

All production takes place on the local level, at the grass roots. Commodities, i.e., goods and services, are also sold or rendered locally at the grass roots. Property and grass roots are practically synonymous terms. THEREFORE: the currency, the medium of exchange for that which is produced, should also issue from the grass roots. BUT, it must not issue as DEBT. "Owe no man anything, except to love one another..."(Romans 13: 8). Because if it is debt, or "kommodity money" - which is mammon, then the country will be bankrupt in a surprisingly short time, common law will be replaced by maritime law, which is really martial law under the uniform kommercial kode (UKK), and we will realize to our disgust that we have been made citizens of the District of Columbia by the Fourteenth Amendment (1868).

In the Universal Christian Church (UCC), money would be issued to the consumer in his own community. The producers would be subsidized when and if necessary to maintain stability in prices.

What was meant to be our country is now in foreclosure, hopelessly in debt, to the tune of trillions of dollars, to the money lords; so it should be very easy to see that a debt money system is unworkable from the outset. We cannot borrow ourselves out of debt any more than we can drink ourselves sober. Continuing to borrow our money supply is sheer madness. To borrow it from a clearly kommunistic, international, central banking monopoly is beyond description.

We must build a financial power base, starting with all the public workers in each city of any given county. Each one of them wil be a block captain or LPA for his or her immediate neighborhood, and each would have and make available our information on tax reform, local credit, and public (no premium) insurance. Some business corporations are self-insured. Self-insurance is a giant step towards public insurance, which is no-premium insurance, utilizing what is known as liability bonding. All clerical workers would be paid in LC, (Elsie) "churrency," i.e., local currency issued by the newly-staffed civil government of God's kingdom, in that now admittedly separated-Church-State society. Most of this fine work could now easily be done at home.

Cities are usually incorporated. BUT incorporated municipalities are more easily controlled and used in order to tax-bleed the people, who unfortunately find themselves under korporate kontract to the debt-money kontrollers, and under municipal bondage. Members of OPERATION HOMESAVE would incorporate their areas under the Kingdom, in agreement with the 'doctrine' and principle of SChaSt, but in reality for a greater unity in His service.


Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he intended to give the American people a debt-free, interest-free currency in the form of U. S. Notes. John F. Kennedy was killed for the same reason. The people live in homes, on the land that our forefathers sacrificed, fought, and died to win for us. They also seem to have established a form of government intended to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people," with a constitution designed to protect the freedom and rights of the people, if possible, forever. Such a government-'for, of, and by the people' must certainly mean that our homes are government property, and are not subject to taxation.

The word economics means "management of the home." In our modern times, that obviously involves money. The debt system used by the banking community and enforced by illegitimate corporate agencies acting under the appearance of government is a totally unacceptable nightmare to the people struggling to save their homes.

The device used by the bank-government establishment to condemn and confiscate people's properties is, of course, taxation. "The power to tax is the power to destroy." And needless to say, the most criminal 'tax7 of all is the unlitigated tax known as inflation. The prime (interest) rate and the inflation rate are always synonymous. That's because interest/usury is the very cause of inflation.

It has been said that government is the perennial enemy of man. But now, with modern debt-usury banking as the real enem;y, government must be seen as the traitor, aiding and abetting the enemy, refusing to fulfill its role as protector of the people and, on the contrary, selling us out,., selling us into bondage to the enemy.

However, if we the people are the true government and have it in our power to stop the plunder by the enemy and the treason by gangster government, then we must get to work correcting the enormity while God is sending us only warnings, instead of what we clearly deserve for our cowardice.

  The church is  
  not in Rome
  in the home